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    Help me choose?

    Let Brivis help you decide what climate system is suitable for your home. Follow the prompts below. It's that easy.

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    Choose your area type

    Please select if you plan on heating / cooling your whole house or just a single room? Choosing Whole Home will recommend a multi-room ducted solution.

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    Is natural gas available?

    Please select if you have natural gas in your area. If you have a gas stove or gas hot water, then you probably have natural gas available. If unsure, we recommend you select 'No'.

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    Enter your postcode below. If you don't know your postcode, please use the free postcode finder from Australia Post.

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    What size is the home?

    Simply select from the below two options. Either choose how many rooms your home has, or alternatively the area of your home.

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    What size is the room?

    Based on your selections, Brivis has chosen a number of suitable products for your requirements, including kW, price guide, airflow and heating/cooling capacities. Click 'Get a Quote' if you would like a Brivis representative to make contact.

  7. Available Product Options

    Based on your selections, Brivis will choose the most suitable product(s) for your requirements, including kW capacity, price guide and energy savings (where applicable). Click 'Get a Firm Quote' and your closest Brivis specialist will make contact.

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    Your request will be forwarded to a dealer in your area. They will be in touch shortly.

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